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Woodwind instruments make sound when a musician blows air into or across the mouthpiece. There are a lot of types of woodwinds including the flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, bagpipes, and recorder. Woodwinds are not only used in symphony orchestra music. They play an important role in jazz music with the saxophone and clarinet being very popular. Despite its name, a woodwind instrument can be made of many materials. Examples include brass, silver, cane, as well as other metals such as gold and platinum.


Learning a woodwind instrument can benefit you in many ways:

  1. Strengthening breath

  2. Improving posture

  3. Improving confidence

  4. Improving hand-eye coordination



Hannah has lived in a small country town, Winchelsea, for most of her life. Starting music in her first year of high school, she quickly found a love for writing music and playing instruments. Throughout her years of high school she has arranged many pieces for the school bands and ensembles, her favourite ensemble being the BHS Double Reeds. In 2017 and 2020 she was a finalist in the Fanfare competition. She now attends Monash University studying performance on bassoon, her primary instrument and hopes to one day be either a composer or to play in an orchestra full time.

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