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Kaylah has been singing with Creative Souls Studio Pakenham since 2014 and study sound production with Collarts. She has been performing at local markets, events and weddings for many years and was in a R&B/pop band for four years as the lead vocalist. Kaylah won the Creative Souls Studio Jennifer Kerr Outstanding Performance award in 2020. Her favourite artists are Harry Styles, Hozier, Lime Cordiale, Feetwood Mac and Elton John and can quote the Mamma Mia movie from start to finish. She enjoys all music genres however mostly listens to pop, surf rock and musical theatre. Kaylah aspires to create a safe environment for her students which encourages self expression, creativity, confidence and most of all a place to escape and have fun. Her teaching style is about delivering proper technique, ensuring vocal health and setting goals in a way that allows younger students to discover their talents and enjoy their passion.

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