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Lucienne is currently studying her Bachelor of Music (Honours) at Monash University specialising in Performance (Popular Voice). Lucienne is able to move across a range of singing styles including popular, jazz, musical theatre and rock. In addition to her passion and discipline in voice, she also plays guitar. Lucienne undertook her secondary schooling at Beaconhills College and received a Performing Arts Scholarship in Voice, was awarded the 2018 Margaret Wagstaff Performing Arts Award and completed VCE Music Performance (Contemporary Voice) and VCE Theatre Studies. She enjoys performing as a soloist as well as with bands and has experience across many genres. Lucienne endeavours to nurture the passion of her students in a safe and fun environment where they will be encouraged to explore their individual voices whilst ensuring vocal health and versatility. She has a very gentle nature and will support students in achieving their goals. Lucienne is available to teach both junior and senior students.

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